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Fairy Tales Film Festival May 22 - 30

Join the 17th Annual, 2015 Fairy Tales Film Festival in Calgary, AB May 22-30, 2015 at The Plaza Theatre and various venues.

“Retail Needs To Get Personal Again”: A Chat with Cherry Four

We chat with Fevoran Hunter, owner of Cherry Four, on her curated shop for kids, small business, and some of her favourite Kensington things.

Mañana brings the beauty of world cultures to Calgary

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of walking into Mañana Imports, just off Kensington Road, you know it’s a delight for the senses. Mañana is filled with beautiful handwoven clothing and traditional arts and crafts from around the world.

Friendship Starts with Coffee

The Coffee Market opened its doors on Kensington Road this past December, bringing a whole new coffee experience to Kensington Village.

Courtney Aarbo Fuldauer LLP, Lawyers

Until July 30, Courtney Aarbo is offering free consultations to see if your will does what you need it to, or a free check up for the legal health of you small business.

5 Ways That Modern Steak is Not Your Average Steakhouse

Walking in the doors of the newly opened Modern Steak, it’s immediately apparent that this is not your average steakhouse.

New Age brings the Magical and the Mystical to Kensington

New Age (formerly New Age Books and Crystals) has been a staple in Kensington since it opened in the late seventies.

Wild & Raw Creates a Healthy Option for Eating On the Go

The rumours are true…Kensington is soon going to be home to Wild &Raw Superfood and Juice Bar. We can’t contain our excitement at the thought of fresh, organic juices and warm elixirs to satisfy our thirst.

YYC Cycle Puts a Spin on Things In Kensington

Super motivating Spin classes? Vegas experience on a bike? Yes please, we’ll take that!

Oak Tree Tavern Keeps Kensington Eclectic

If you haven’t been to the Oak Tree Tavern yet, you’re missing the party.