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Kensington Nominated for Great Places in Canada!

Show your love and support for Kensington! Voting starts on August 20th, please vote for Kensington as one of Canada's Greatest Neighbourhoods, thanks to the Canadian Institute of Planners.

Nuts and Bolts of Placemaking with Mark Lakeman

How can we more actively create positive change in our own neighbourhoods? How can we tap into the resources that are abundant all around us while getting to know each other? How can we creatively come together to build safe environments where everyone can thrive? Join Mark Lakeman and friends on a weekend journey through the nuts and bolts of placemaking!

Celebrate Earth Day with ContainR in Sunnyside

Celebrate Earth Day with ContainR in Sunnyside Celebrate Earth day with art, music and so much more at ContainR in Sunnyside, a new hub for the arts and community in Sunnyside.

Recent Posts
Tuesday, August 05, 2014 By Kensington Village

Sunnyside Art Supplies owners Pat and Shirl Rowsome have lived in Kensington for many years. For them, Kensington is truly home in so many ways. It’s a place where they feel surrounded by community, a place where they can’t walk down the street without stopping to say hello to someone they know. Kensington has the small town feel of a tight knit community in a big city setting, being only minutes from Calgary’s downtown core.  Read More...

Friday, August 01, 2014 By Kensington Village

This year saw another fun, sun drenched, music filled, salsa tasting festival! It was a fantastic turn out, and only one weather related hiccup when we were doused with a surprise mid-day storm, driving everyone temporarily inside the shops and restaurants for refuge! The clouds rolled quickly away, however, and the festival continued in full swing, barely missing a beat! Read More...