“The Most Sought After Place in Calgary for a Faux Tan” Fashion Magazine


Laura Downing and daughter Maegan are changing the game of the tanning industry. Twelve years ago, Laura and Maegan predicted the downfall of the tanning bed, and were quick to launch Sundrops, which exclusively offers high end, affordable spray tans.

Born and raised in Calgary, Laura was business savvy from the beginning with her Father being one of the first oilmen in the city. From there, Laura developed a strong knack for being a people person through her work experience with Telecommunication giant Telus, and her volunteer work with the Distress Center.

Although starting Sundrops was never in her “plans”, it has been an uphill success (with a couple of hiccups along the way of course).

If you told me 13 years ago I would own a tanning salon I would have said they were crazy, but life takes you down unexpected roads and I love this one!”

Not only does Sundrops offer exceptional spray tans, Laura has a company mandate and she’s sticking to it:

“Sundrops is changing the tanning industry by offering a UV Free natural, healthy glow. Sundrops Is run by women and the majority of our clients are women so we refuse to exploit women by using provocative pictures in any of our advertising or on our website. We respect women and our tans speak for themselves”

One market that Laura knew she wanted to tap into was Hollywood. Through networking, she was put in touch with Hollywood’s Dep’t heads of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune as well as The Young and Restless, The Bold and Beautiful and Dancing with the Stars. That took her business endeavour to the celebrity epicenter, and sunshine state, Los Angeles, California where she taught Hollywood makeup artists at CBS and Sony Studios the Sundrops technique of how apply the perfect spray tan on their A list Stars.

Her name travelled quickly within the LA crowd, and one day she was the one to receive a phone call. On the other end of the line? Vanna White’s makeup artist! For those of you who don’t know who Vanna White is, she’s only one of American’s most well known TV hostesses (I.E Wheel of Fortune)

Laura returned to Calgary, with a number of Hollywood celebs under her belt! The next steps came naturally, as she now supplies Dancing with the Stars Sundrops “Diminish” cellulite serum for the past 6 seasons. Juno award winners, Canada’s top designer, Paul Hardy as well as travelling Broadway across Canada casts have all trusted Sundrops with their healthy glow

“We’ve built up our client base of over 13 000 people who come from all over, and as far as Indonesia! We love that they hear about us from positive word of mouth!”

Not only does Sundrops offer beautiful organic spray tans, they have a line-up of gluten-free proprietary products all developed by an on-staff chemist. One of their most popular is Moondrops, their tan extender lotion that contains, DHA, a derivative of the sugar beet.

Kensington is happy that Sundrops has found a home in the neighbourhood, and Laura is equally as pleased, as well as having a business to help support the community she is also a long time resident in West Hillhurst. Her last piece of advice to fellow business owners.

“Keep going! Don’t quit, even when it seems impossible, keep going!”

For more information, or to book an appointment visit: www.sundrops.ca